Podcast Popups

Chef Pete offers you the opportunity to host your own video podcast or he will interview you and guests to create exciting content for all of your social media platforms, websites, email campaigns, and public relations.
He and his video team come to you. They pop-up the lights and cameras right in your restaurant if you like. It’s as easy as talking about what you do and what you love, your feature dishes, your amazing staff, what inspired you to create your brand.
His Podcast Popup team films, edits in a couple of days and you have plenty of great video content that will last you for months.
Let Chef Pete turn your brand into your own streaming tv show. Complete the Contact us form and he will schedule a call to tell you all the details. It’s the most affordable, amazing content you can create and it’s all yours.
You can book one introductory video session or sign up for a monthly package. Hurry and get started today.